Thursday, January 30, 2014

Orders and Memos (Docket 8167)

Subject: Investigation into the potential establishment of standards related to sound levels from the operation of generation, transmission and distribution equipment by entities subject to Public Service Board jurisdiction.

Comments:Interested entities and individuals are invited to file written comments on the proposed scope of issues no later than March 3, 2014. After reviewing any such comments, we will issue a final scoping order and establish a schedule of workshops to examine the issues that are ultimately included within the scope of this investigation. Workshops will be designed to address discrete topics drawn from the final list of issues. We ask the participants to comment on whether one of the workshops should be dedicated to hearing from individuals who live near existing energy projects and wish to describe their experiences, concerns, and recommendations. For purposes of facilitating communication by and among the participants in this proceeding, the Board is establishing an e-mail service list.

Any interested person may contact the Clerk of the Board at
to request to be added to this list.

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