Newark Neighbors United Mission Statement

NNU was formed by individuals opposed to the Seneca Mountain industrial wind project proposal. We are a diverse and independent group of neighbors with a common and unified goal, which is to protect the health and wellbeing of our citizens, preserve the environmental integrity of our beautiful mountain ridgelines, and ensure the preservation of our unique town and the Northeast Kingdom. 


Town of Newark

RR#1, Box 50c, West Burke, VT05871
Selectboard: Mark Ellingwood, John Lewandowski & Laura Rodger

From the Newark Town Plan, Sep 27, 2011, Rev. Sep 17, 2012, Page 3:

"Newark is a rural town with a beautiful natural setting, woodlands, open fields, scenic vistas, clean water and air, and clean streams and pristine ponds make Newark a unique and pleasant community to visit and live in.The environment is clean and healthy.It is these characteristics which the Town of Newark intends to protect and preserve."

Town of Brighton/Island Pond

P.O. Box 377, Island Pond, VT 05846
Selectboard: Melinda Gervais-Lemoureux, Mike Worth & James Webb

From the Brighton Town Plan, Amendment proposal 2012, page 4.

"Brighton is a small rural town blessed with striking natural beauty and an abundance of natural resources that have benefited residents and attracted visitors for many years.The future success of Brighton will depend upon an active citizenry and the wise use and preservation of our clear rivers, lakes, forests, mountains and unspoiled scenic resources."

Unified Towns and Gores

UTG, P.O. Box 417, Island Pond, VT05846
Board of Governors: Barbara Nolan, Shawnda O’Keefe, Patrick Kerin, Raymond Royce & Douglas Jenkins

From the UTG Town Plan, Sep. 12, 2011, Introduction, Page 3:

"The area also contains a vast amount of valuable natural resources – undeveloped lake and stream shorelines, scenic mountains, rare and endangered species and abundant wildlife.  The outdoor enthusiast is presented with hundreds of miles of trails for hiking, biking and snowmobiling, as well as excellent opportunities for hunting, fishing and camping.  Many of these resources will be important to future generations such as vast quantities of fresh drinking water, millions of trees to help balance greenhouse gases, and large areas of undeveloped land for recreation and wildlife habitat."

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